Bathmate Review – My First 3 Months Experience

Since I was 18 I have been insecure about the size of my penis. My starting size was 5.5 inches. According to what I read online that is pretty average, but you wouldn’t know it from what’s in porn these days.

In this bathmate review I will share what changes I have seen using the bathmate.

Despite falling within the average size category, I wondered if any of the enlargement products out there actually worked. It wasn’t until recently when I moved out from home, and had enough money of my own that I was finally able to test drive some of the stuff I saw on forums, etc…

I got a little carried away testing different things, from extenders to pills, lotions and pumps. I have a couple of favorites that worked for me – and this is my review of my top choice, the Bathmate.

What’s covered in this review

I’m going to cover everything I wondered about before buying, show you how it works, and what I did that made it work for me. Pretty much this is going to serve as a log of everything I love about the bathmate to keep me motivated to continue using it.

First of all, I love the bathmate. It’s comfortable, it’s stupid simple to use, gave me the fast noticeable results and it’s not dangerous or painful to use.

My first pump session results

I have a lot of favorite things to list off, but the very first thing I noticed is that it feels good to use and the results are immediate. I took a before and after picture for my very first pump. (because I expected to see no results at all, and I intended to share that online)

First time before and after picture

I pumped for 8 minutes on a timer, because I wasn’t sure what to expect. My penis felt heavier, looked fatter and longer, and stayed that way for 3 hours after only an 8 minute pump!

I always have to massage my penis before sex, because I don’t like for my girlfriend to see my penis completely flaccid. It’s a confidence enhancing thing, I like her to see my penis at least partly erect.

Well an hour after I pumped she came home from work so I was able to initiate without doing the normal pre-rub to get a semi erection. That might sound small to some guys, but to me it was a big deal.

Changing from a “grower” to a “shower”

Besides being self conscious about the size of my penis, I also have always been insecure that I was a “grower” and not a “shower”. I alluded to this earlier with how I always try to get semi-erect before getting naked.

The bathmate has helped with that too, to the point of my not thinking about it anymore. After a week of pumping daily, I’m almost always in the “shower” state.

You know that feeling when you have a semi-erection and you feel kind of horny because of it? Now I feel like that almost all the time. All the increased blood flow from pumping has left my penis hanging bigger, longer, and thicker.

You can even see my penis through my pants now

Instead of feeling embarrassed, cold, and always thinking about the shrinkage while I’m naked, now I feel a lot more confident walking around the house naked, even just by myself I feel more confident and I like how I look in the mirror.

Faster and harder erections

Having a harder penis is one thing, but couple that with how much faster I get erections now and I feel like a stud.

I timed how long it took after my first pump, and then at the 30 day mark. I went from taking over 40 seconds to get fully erect with stimulation, down to 17 seconds!

After pumping for a few days I began getting random erections throughout the day, even from just walking around or wiggling my legs at my desk. Normally in those non-stimulating, boring situations I would be flaccid.

In increase in oxygenated blood flow I am providing by pumping everyday has definitely improved my erection strength too. I get harder than I did before, and it happens faster than before I pumped.

I realize this isn’t the main reason most guys care to try a pump, but damn its a nice benefit I had to mention. Not only is my dick bigger, but its harder and more willing to perform for me on command.

After three months of pumping

So Its been three months since I first began pumping everyday, and I have a lot of things that at this point I realize are relevant and worthwhile to share.

Most importantly.

My penis is measurably thicker and longer

I started pumping with 5.5 inches in length, and now I measure 6.5 inches. I didn’t measure my girth, but it looks and feels a lot thicker than before.

I think any pump could have given me a temporarily larger penis, but the bathmate is comfortable to use every single day and thats why I was able to stick to a routine long enough to gain an inch.

I stopped pumping completely for 4 days and I still measure 6.5 inches so the results seem to be sticking just like they claim. I am not ready to totally quit pumping yet, i’d like to add another inch first.

The Bathmate being waterproof makes it uniquely awesome

Like I mentioned earlier, I did buy a few different things online to test out. One of the first things I bought was a regular pump from amazon, cost me 40 bucks.

First thing that happened after pumping for 20 minutes was I got a skin blister on the head of my penis. I tried to prevent this next time I pumped by using the pump with lubricant and water.

It worked, but the tube got clogged and the pump quickly got very grimy. The bathmate is designed to be used submerged in the bathtub, so they eliminated all the little annoyances that come with wet pumping

  • clogged tubing
  • clogged hand grip
  • grime build-up in tube that cannot be reached
  • peeling outer stickers
  • rubber gaiters that slip off from the moisture

These are benefits you really can only appreciate if you have owned a regular cheap-o pump before upgrading.

Using the pump hands free is my favorite

There is a little switch on the tip of the bathmate hydro pump. Flip it to lock the vacuum pressure in. From there you can shampoo your hair, use a bar of soap on your body, etc… It allows you to take a normal shower while pumping passively.

This is a time saver, especially when I am rushed in the morning. Enlarging your penis is a process that takes time, and if you can’t put in the time because its to inconvenient then its just not going to work for you.

The silicone base is great

Something you never want to happen is to accidentally use a pump that is larger than you need it to be. I did that, and accidentally sucked one of my testicles into the cylinder at full force. I was in agony, and threw the pump across the room.

Haven’t had that issue with bathmate, because the silicone base has traction on your skin even when wet. That prevents any movement, unlike the shitty rubber gaiters that come with cheaper products. The bathmate base is soft and squishy while also being firm, very comfortable on the pubic area.

You can also remove the base (as seen in the picture) and use the pump without it if you prefer.

How my sex life has changed

There have been several changes to my life since using the bathmate, and several of them I think are worth documenting and sharing.

  • My staying power in bed is about 10 minutes longer. Before using bathmate I couldn’t last to long in bed.
  • Paradoxically, my penis feels more sensitive and I get erections all the time now (vs requiring direct stimulation)
  • My dick is veiny as hell all the time.
  • My confidence has gone through the roof. Long gone are the days of worrying what a woman thinks when Im naked.
  • I spend almost zero time worrying or wondering how well a sexual encounter would play out. I know it would go fine.

Basically everything is more fun, and that’s because I had this veil of anxiety and worry lifted. Feeling like you look good, and are a good size really improved my overall confidence. Its a feeling I think every man deserves to feel. We’re all men, we all have the same sexual goals. To feel confident and please our partners.

Choosing the pump you need

I bought the Hydromax X7 first, based on the bathmate size guide they provide. Its for guys over 5 inches, so I just made the cut. Now that I know it works and that I like it, I upgraded to the Hydroextreme.

Get the one you can afford. The cheapest model (hydro series) has the least suction power but it’s still a great pump and better than none at all.


The hydro is the original pump whos popularity fueled the production of the new models. This is the cheapest priced option, and previously the best selling pump in the world.

Available in one size, for penis’ under 7″ in length.


The Hydromax is upgraded version of the Hydro, and currently the best selling pump in the world. It comes in four sizes

  • Hydromax5 (up to 5″ length)
  • Hydromax7 (up to 7″ length)
  • Hydromax7 Wide (for focusing on girth)
  • Hyromax9 (up to 9″ length)


The HydroXtreme model comes with a hand grip pump for more vacuum strength. It’s very powerful, and can still be used without the ball pump just like the original hydromax and hydro.

Comes in a few sizes just like the hydromax

  • HydroXtreme5 (up to 5″ length)
  • HydroXtreme7 (up to 7″ length)
  • HydroXtreme7 Wide (for focusing on girth)
  • HydroXtreme9 (up to 9″ length)
  • HydroXtreme11 ( over 9″ length)

The Wide Boy model is for guys who want to put an extreme focus on gaining girth. If you are more interested in gaining girth than length then go with the wide boy. If you want a more balanced growth (length and girth) go with the normal models.

The bathmate rebranding

A lot of information you will find online is outdated. Bathmate rebranded / renamed their line of pumps. The old naming scheme was confusing and stupid. Below is a chart depicting the rename for each pump model, so you can search for and find the proper information.

Hydromax5Hydromax x20
Hydromax7Hydromax x30
Hydromax9Hydromax x40
HydroXtreme5Hydromax Xtreme x20
HydroXtreme7Hydromax Xtreme x30
HydroXtreme9Hydromax Xtreme x40
HydroXtreme11Hydromax Xtreme x50

The pump I recommend and why

The HydroXtreme is a great pump, and ensures you won’t be left wanting a stronger pump. It also works better than the hydromax series when being used without water.

The price tag of the HydroXtreme is prohibitive for some, so go with what you can afford. The important thing is to get the size that matches you, because using a pump that is to large will be difficult to use safely.

Check Out The Pump Prices

more pictures and discount coupons over at OfficialHydromaxPump

Top concerns and questions

Some other issues I had that were not covered before I ordered were:

They honored their warranty, as promised

After a month of pumping I accidentally dropped the pump down the wood stairs in my house. I broke the little switch piece, and instead of having to buy a whole new pump Bathmate replaced it for me for free.

Thats the only issue I have had with it so far. The warranty is not something I expected them to actually honor, since it’s an adult product. But they did, and it saved me some money.

How discreet is the shipping?

It comes in a plain brown box just like they promise it will. There is no way anyone will know what it is. If you want to be home for it like me to prevent a neighbor from stealing the package, just contact them via email and ask for a signature confirmation.

They are happy to help you out, and I recommend doing that anyway since it costs nothing and ensures only you get the package.

This only applies if you order from the official site obviously, I don’t know how amazon or ebay sellers would deliver something like this.

Where is it for sale the cheapest?

You should be ordering from one of the two official bathmate retailers because counterfeits exist in the marketplace. They have been on Amazon and eBay. The counterfeits are low quality material and break easily, which is dangerous.


If you buy it from someplace else be aware you could end up with a cheap knock-off, and even if you don’t the warranty is only valid and honored when you order from the official shop.

Is there any guarantee of results?

Their website states unequivocally;

Quite simply if, after using the device for the 4 week period you can demonstrate that you haven’t made any progress at all in either length or girth, we’ll give you your money back.

All we ask to validate this guarantee is that you send your warranty form back within 1 week of receiving the device complete with your current measurements.


If you don’t feel like reading my whole review, ill save you some time here.

  • Yes, it works great
  • My first pump session was for 8 minutes, and you can see it made an immediate difference below
  • Using the bathmate changed my default penis state from “grower” to “shower”
  • I get erections faster than before due to the regular increase in blood flow
  • My penis is thicker, heavier, and warmer all day long
  • I added 1 full inch to my penis length in 3 months (pictures in review)
  • Being able to use it in the shower saves a lot of time
  • 2 Year Warranty is legitimate and I used it for a replacement part

The Bathmate has allowed me to feel so much more confidence in myself, in the bedroom and even just walking around the mall or at work. Having a big penis, and knowing you can perform VERY well at any moment gives a man a special unique kind of confidence. Its something that no man should deny himself.

There are a lot of reasons to buy the bathmate, and obviously the best reason is to increase the size of your penis. But I have to be honest and say that more important than the size increase has been the confidence increase.

Lasting longer in bed, being ready to perform right away, pulling my boxers down to reveal my penis, that I am proud of – it’s difficult to explain. I feel like a porn star, and anyone can feel like this if you put the time in and pump every day for a few months.

I highly recommend any man who feels like I felt give the bathmate a try. It will change your life.

Visit The Bathmate Shop

and be careful of knock-off pumps sold on ebay and amazon

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