The Definitive Guide to Jelqing

Jelqing is a natural penis enlargement technique used for centuries to increase penis length and girth, as well as improve blood flow and improve overall penile health.

Jelqing is the most effective way for a man to increase his penis size – no money required. In this guide you will learn how to jelq, and every advanced technique and routine that exists and works.

In virtually all cultures a mans penis is viewed as an indicator of masculinity, strength, and virility by both sexes.  “How big was he” is probably the oldest question asked by women, and is still asked today. 

Fortunately someone in history discovered manual penis enlargement exercises. The exact nature of that discovery is highly debated, all we really know is jelqing has been around for ages.

The Myth of Ancient Penis Enlargement

Jelqing has dozens of “origin” stories, the most common of which involve Africans or Sudanese Arabs. Both are known for being well endowed, but evidence of either group discovering the jelq is lacking. 

Baseless Myths

The two most common baseless myths repeated ad-nauseum:

  • Africans have large penis’ because they practice a stretching exercise with rocks tied to their penis. 
  • Ancient Sudanese Arabs begin jelqing pre-puberty in a practice known as “penis cultivation”, and this is repeated until post puberty.

The Arab theory is most common, and actually makes good sense. Jelqing and Stretching while the penis is in its growth stage, in theory, would result in spectacular growth.  This is meant to explain how arabs are well hung.

Unfortunately, there is very little evidence to support either of these theories.  The hard truth is genetics do play a large role in the default size of a mans penis

The good news is that penile exercises really do produce measurable results, and evidence of that claim is anything but lacking.

Clinical Evidence

Clinical trials have already proven the effectiveness of penile stretching devices, hundreds of times over.  Unfortunately because Jelqing is free, and can be completed without a device you must purchase- there has been very little incentive for anyone to fund a study of the exercise.

Thanks to the internet and various forums online, you can find thousands of men who have shared progress pictures from jelqing alone who have permanently increase their girth and length using the techniques you will learn here.

The Science Behind Jelqing

Lets cover the mechanism of action, or how exactly does this exercise result in thickening of the penis and improved blood flow.

Jelqing forces large amounts of blood into the penis, creating internal pressure and expansion beyond than what is experienced in the normal erect state.  If a normal erection is a 10, jelqing forces your penis to an 11 or 12 in terms of pressure.

This increased pressure causes very tiny micro-tears within the corpora cavernosa. These tiny tears are mostly repaired overnight, and are similar to the tears in muscle fiber experienced after a day of weight lifting.

The corpora cavernosa consists of two cylinder shaped chambers that run along the side of the penis. These chambers determine how much blood your penis can hold during an erection.

After these micro-tears heal, the penile tissue can utilize more blood for a thicker erection.  This repetition of girth expansion, micro-tear, and healing is how Jelqing works. 

There is six times more blood in the penis during erection as in the flaccid state.

Jelqing is used for increasing penile girth, however length gains can be achieved easily by adjusting the direction and angle of the exercise. (These advanced angles and directions are best saved until after the basic jelq has been mastered)

How to Jelq

Jelqing is performed in “sessions” that require between 5-15 minutes of your time.  Two sessions per day is more than adequate, and beginners should start with once per day.

A proper jelqing session always begins with a warm-up and ends with a warm down.  Here are the basics to perform the wet jelq.

The Warm-Up

Warming up before jelqing is imperative to prevent injury, and to ensure a good exhaustive workout.  The goal here is simple: heat the penis into a relaxed state. Here is how its done:

  1. Massage your penis to a semi-erect state, about 50%
  2. Soak a hand towel with hot water for 30 seconds (or long enough to warm the material) and squeeze out the excess water.
  3. Snuggly wrap the hot towel around your penis until it cools, and repeat step 2 until five minutes have passed.

After a successful warm wrap, your penis should feel relaxed, and fluffy or “chubby”.  Some guys choose to wrap their testicles too, that option is yours.

Alternative Warm-Up Techniques

There is more than one way to perform a warmup, a personal favorite of mine is the rice pack.  Less messy, no water required, and stays warm longer than a towel.

  • The Rice Pack – Use a rice bag, or make your own, and microwave for around two minutes. This technique retains heat well, and requires no water, and the rice bag is reusable.
  • Electric Heating Pad – Use a heating pad and wrap around your penis.  No water technique, and one of the best.
  • Cup  / Pump – This technique works with a water cup, or a penis pump if you make use of one.  Fill the cup or cylinder with warm-hot water, insert your penis and press against your pelvic area to create a water tight seal. This works best with a penis pump (do not use the pump until after your warm up)

Take your pick of the warm-up techniques, but never skip it.  Without a warm-up the chance of injury skyrockets, so always warm-up!

TIP: If you’re planning to try jelqing now, perform the warm-up as you continue reading.

Performing the Jelq

The following five steps are all it takes to perform a Wet-Jelq correctly.

  1. Rub down the penis shaft and head with a high quality lubricant.
  2. Reach 50-70% of your full, erect state. You should not be erect enough to have penetrative sex, but should be erect enough to kegel and see your penis grow from the squeeze.
  3. With your dominant hand, make the OKAY gesture. Wrap your thumb and index finger around the base of your penis.
  4. Tighten your “OK grip” at the base of your penis, and slide your hand up the shaft to the glands.  The slide should be smooth from the lubricant, and should feel good. 
    • If anything hurts, stop and restart from step 3.
  5. Once you have reached the head of your penis (glands) you have completed one Jelq. 
    • Each stroke should take no more than 2-3 seconds, and no less than one second.

Once you get a handle on the single hand jelq motion, you can begin Jelqing by alternating your hands. The goal here is to keep as much blood as possible in the penis while reapplying the OK grip with your other hand.

The Warm Down

After completing a jelqing session, it’s time to give your penis some much needed heat and relaxation. These exercises put your penis under a lot of stress, so require proper relaxation is imperative.

  1. Apply a moisturizing lotion to your hands. 
  2. Massage the lotion into your penis using your thumb on your dominant hand, whole holding the glands with your other hand. 
    • Do this for 2-3 minutes until you have a semi-erect penis, and the lotion is fully absorbed.
  3. Warm-Wrap your penis using the technique you chose for the warm-up for an additional 1-2 minutes. This is to relax the micro-tears you created during the workout.
    • This will help restore natural blood flow post-jelq.

Thats all, your penis should be left feeling moisturized, soft and slightly fluffier than when you began. If you have any bruising or red spots take a day off, and next time go a little easier on your member.

Recommended Lotions

Choose a lotion with Vitamin E and Aloe. Most lotions for dry damaged skin will suffice. Ensure the lotion has no fragrance to prevent irritation.

Some recommendations are:

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Lubriderm Skin Repair
  • Shea Butter

The Components of Jelqing

In the same way proper form is important in the gym, understanding and executing each component of the Jelq correctly and safely will keep you safe from injuries and keep your penis looking and feeling larger.

Jelqing is made up of only three components. Lets cover how each component is executed while jelqing.

Erection Level

The level of erection you maintain during jelqing is important, and needs to be 50-70% of your full erection. Jelqing without any blood flow wont result in any gains, could cause injury, and would be painful and difficult. The same applies to jelqing while the penis is too rigid, which can weaken erections and cause pain and bruising.

Imagine your penis has five levels of firmness.

  1. Flaccid – No Erection
  2. Minimal Blood Flow to Penis
  3. Medium Blood Flow – Penis is Chubby
  4. Almost Fully Erect – Penis is rigid enough to “push it in”
  5. Full Erection

Jelqing required your erect state to be somewhere between level 3 and 4.  Never Jelq at level 1 or 5. 

There is an advanced technique called clamping which can be performed at a level 5 (full erection).  But this should not be attempted by amateurs.

The OKAY Grip

The OKAY grip does not require the index finger and thumb to touch, but the grip should be firm and consistent from the base to glands.  Always begin with the OKAY grip as close to the pelvic bone as possible.  If you have some fat padding, press it in with your grip to get as close to the base of the penis as possible.

The corpora cavernosa are located on either side of the penis, and that is the area responsible for holding blood.  For that reason, the grip pressure should be focused on the sides of the shaft.

The Stroke

Stroke time is the time required to complete one Jelq from the base of the penis to the glands. Each stroke should take about three seconds. Any faster is masturbation, and any slower is cutting off fresh oxygen to the penile tissues. Always aim for the 3 second stroke.

This sounds difficult, but just count using one-one thousands, two one-thousand, three-one thousand. Thats accurate enough and takes the guesswork out of timing the stroke properly.

Jelqing Angle and Position

As you become more comfortable jelqing, you can begin testing different angles and positions for a more through workout.

Best Positions

Jelqing straight out from your pelvic bone, and straight out (standing) / up (laying) are the safest and most common jelqing positions.  They can be completed in the sitting position, and provide great results. All beginners should start here for the first few weeks.


Straight toward the floor is the downward angle, and strains the penile ligaments more so than other angles. This angle allows for a greater pump, and can be performed rather easily in a chair.

Penile damage can occur if you jelq downward while your erection is to hard, along with permanant loss of rigidity.  Adhere to the erection strength section to ensure a safe downward jelq.

Sideways (Left or Right)

Jelqing to the left or right has no clear benefit unless you aim to straighten a bend in the penis shaft. If you have peyronies disease, jelqing to the opposite side you would like to correct will help expand the penile tissues on that side. Over time this can correct penile curvature. 

Best Lubricants for Jelqing

Selecting a personal lubricant is an important decision when you’re engaged in a penis enlargement routine.

First- The lube you select should be easy to clean up quickly, because the day will come when someone stops by unexpectedly or you need to end your session early.

Second- It should also be fragrance free, most rashes are caused by cheap or low quality scented lubricants that have no business being used for jelqing. 

Third- Only use products that are labeled for use as a “personal lubricant”. 

Lubricants to Avoid

A lot of guys are tempted to substitute with soap, shampoo, or conditioner.  DO NOT SUBSTITUTE. These products strip essential oils from your skin, have added scents, and will irritate and blister your skin, and can cause painful long-lasting rashes.

🚫 Shampoo
🚫 Conditioner
🚫 Body Wash
🚫 Soap (of any kind)
🚫 ANY products designed for cleaning

Recommended Lubricants

Here is a list of lubricants I recommend for jelqing.  The recommended application column list these lubes as “shower”, “waterless”, and “bath”. This just means the lube can be used in the shower, in the bath, or cannot be used with any additional water (waterless).

Lubricant NameBase IngredientRecommended ApplicationProsCons
Bad Dragon Cum LubeWaterWaterless Only High Viscosity. Virtually Eliminates Friction. Sticky when dry, Availability.  Messy.
PjurCyclopentasiloxane (Silicone)Shower, Bath, or Waterless Easy Cleanup. Skin Conditioning. High Viscosity. Waterproof. Over $10.00
AstroGlideWaterWaterless Only Easy Cleanup. High Viscosity. Availability.
KY JellyWaterWaterless Only Easy Cleanup. None.
Coconut OilNatural OilsShower, Bath, or WaterlessSkin Conditioning. All Natural. Low Viscosity. Availability. Price.
Baby OilNatural OilsWaterless Only Skin Conditioning. Low Viscosity. Scented.
VaselinePetroleum JellyShower, Bath, or Waterless High Viscosity. Waterproof. Time Consuming Cleanup.

All of these lubes are great choices, and will get the job done.  Some produce less friction than others- the less friction the better. 

Top Recommended

I recommend Pjur lube if you can afford it.  Pjur is top notch for jelqing, provides a smooth, frictionless stroke, and it conditions your skin while you use it (your hands and your penis).

The cost is around 10 dollars a bottle, and one bottle goes a LONG way.  One to two drops of Pjur is enough for a session.  

Second best choice is Astroglide.  Its slick, water based, and is available pretty much around the globe in every drug store.  Cost is about half that of Pjur.

Newbie Jelqing Routine

As a beginner, your penile tissue will need to adjust to the stresses that jelqing presents. The best way to introduce jelqing is to begin two days on, one day off.

Keep sessions shorter, and slowly work up to longer sessions over a 90 day period. Here is a beginners guide to take a newbie all the way to the advanced stage in 90 days.

Month One

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Monday8 Minutes10 Minutes10 Minutes12 Minutes
Tuesday10 Minutes10 Minutes10 Minutes15 Minutes

Thursday8 Minutes12 Minutes12 Minutes12 Minutes
Friday10 Minutes10 Minutes10 Minutes15 Minutes

Sunday8 Minutes12 Minutes12 Minutes15 Minutes

Month Two

Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Monday12 Minute Session
8 Minutes Normal Grip
4 Minutes Tight Grip
10 Minutes10 Minutes12 Minutes
Tuesday15 Minute Session
8 Minutes Normal Grip
7 Minutes Tight Grip
10 Minutes10 Minutes15 Minutes
Thursday8 Minutes12 Minutes12 Minutes12 Minutes
Friday10 Minutes10 Minutes10 Minutes15 Minutes
Sunday8 Minutes12 Minutes12 Minutes15 Minutes

Advanced Jelqing Techniques

Jelqing can be performed any number of ways after competence is achieved with the foundational principles laid out above.  To keep this guide as usable as possible, advanced variations and grips are separated from this guide.  See Advanced Jelqing to learn how to perform them, and to access the advanced routines and grips.

The Jelq described above is known as the Wet Jelq, and is the original and most simple jelqing technique.  Other techniques exist, but should only be attempted after first completing the newbie routine. 

The Dry Jelq

Recommended: Uncircumsized Penis

Typically this technique is reserved for uncircumcised men. Performing a dry jelq on a circumcised penis would be nearly impossible to perform correctly and raises the risk of injury.

The Dry Jelq is the same as the Wet Jelq, except it is performed without any lubricant.  This technique can cause skin irritation and should be executed with caution and care.

The V-Jelq

Recommended: 1 Months Minimum of PE

The V-Jelq applies more focus to the corpus cavernosa that traditional jelqing.  It is slightly more difficult to perform, and requires strong fingers. 

Instead of the OKAY Grip, the V-Jelq uses a “Vulcan Salute” (from Star Trek) gesture, and a pulling motion from the base of the penis up to the tip. 

The Kegel Jelq

Recommended: 1 Month Minimum PE

This technique incorporates a kegel between jelqs, which forces more blood into the penis between squeezes. This technique strenghtens erections and the PC muscle, as well as increases girth. 

The Squeeze Jelq

Recommended: 2 Months Minimum of PE

This technique puts a dramatic focus on the tunica and will primarily affect girth, but length gains are also very likely.  The jelq uses both hands, and maintains pressure in the penis between jelqs.

High Erection Jelqing

Recommended: 3 Months+ Experience

This jelqing technique is controversial, and is performed with over 60% erection.  This increases the risk of penile damage, and should only be performed when girth and length gains have been exhausted.  Even then, this technique is not necessary and is not recommended. 

Advanced Grips

Some of these advanced jelqing techniques make use of different grips, like the C Grip, Underhand and Overhand Grips, etc…  The details of these grips are detailed on the Advanced Techniques page and aren’t necessary unless performing those jelqs.

Injuries and Prevention

Jelqing is relatively safe if done properly, but as a newbie mistakes will be made. Even if you do everything correctly, you will experience some of the effects listed here. 

The most important injury prevention tip I can offer is to never skip a warm-up session.  Without the warm-up, red spots and discoloration will occur and will take longer to fade.

6 Rules to Avoid Injury

  1. Never bend your penis while jelqing.
  2. Never jelq to a point of pain – it should always feel good!
  3. Keep your grip in check – maintain the same grip from your pelvic bone to behind the penis glands
  4. ALWAYS use a generous amount lubricant (real lube, no substitutes)
  5. Do not jelq the penis glands
  6. Don’t be overeager, the results will come

Jelqing should never result in pain, and no part of the jelq should illicit a pain response. If you experience any pain, stop what you’re doing immediately and give your penis a break.  Re-assess your grip, stroke, angle, and speed – and try again.

Common Minor Injuries

So what exactly does a jelqing injury look like? Lets take a look at what could potentially occur as a result of not following the rules above. 

Broken Blood Vessels in Shaft

The most common injury is broken blood vessels in the shaft of the penis.  First you’ll see reddish colors confined to one spot.  The color will darken as damage progresses, although this is unlikely since at the first sight of this minor injury you’ll stop and take a rest day to heal.

Injuries are almost always the result of impatience. Results may be coming to slowly, so you jelq faster than you should, or squeeze harder than you should. this cannot be stressed enough – be patient, this is a process and your body requires time to adapt.

Spots and Discoloration

  • Red pin sized dots on the shaft or glands are the result of burst capillaries. These should disappear within 1-2 days, and are not serious.  Preventable via better warm-up sessions.
  • Larger red or purple spots the size of an eraser or larger represent a more substantial breach of capillary walls.  Take a couple of days off if you experience larger spots.  Preventable by loosening grip.
  • Small black dots are the result of insufficient lubrication. Preventable – use a better lubricant.

Potential Serious Injuries

Any bruising, testicle pain, or shaft pain is considered a serious injury.  If you experience anything in the list below, you are NOT jelqing properly. Stop Immediately and wait 2-4 days for your specific issue to heal.

None of the serious issues below will occur if you are jelqing properly. 

Bruising or Bruise-Like Sensitivity to Touch

Could be caused by jelqing with a full erection (never do this). Also can be caused from to tight of a grip, or jelqing to frequently. But in general, you did something wrong and need to take a break.

Trouble Achieving an Erection

This can be caused from nerve compression, over-exerted muscles, or bending of your semi-erect penis mid-jelq.  Take a break, and if you do not see immediate improvement see a doctor.  You never want to bend your penis while performing penis enlargement exercises.

Potential Side Effects

The most common side effect of Jelqing is developing a thicker penis.  However after Jelqing for a period of time, sometimes routines slip and laziness finds its way into your workout routine.  These side effects are all not very serious, and are preventable.

Baseball Bat Effect

The baseball bat effect is exactly what it sounds like. After jelqing for a period of time, the penis begins to take on the shape of a baseball bat with the shaft becoming wider towards the glands.

This is usually caused by too much pelvic fat around the base of your penis, or beginning the jelq mid shaft.  It can also be caused by genetics.  Try correcting your technique to start as close to the pelvic bone as possible.  

Turkey Neck

A turkey neck is a result of the skin being pulled on during your exercises. As you pull the shaft skin away from your body, it can also pull the skin connected to the shaft around the scrotum, eventually stretching it to a point where it rides up the shaft, mimicking the flap of skin under a turkey’s head.

This can be prevented by using a high quality lubricant while jelqing and staying away from dry jelqs.

The Donut Effect

The donut effect typically occurs after a long and intense session (20-25 minutes). It is identified and caused by too much fluid build up just beneath the glands of the penis.  If you are uncircumsized this can present as fluid build up in the foreskin.

This side-effect will fade after a couple of days off the routine.  Prevent it form ever occurring by ensuring you use enough lubricant, and completing your warm-up routine properly.  


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